About us

How we got Started

David and Cameron Broadwell in the shop making holsters712GEAR came to fruition when two brothers, Cameron and David, realized they needed a quality holster for their handguns.  None of the current products on the market possessed the quality they desired so it was decided that in order to get the product they wanted they would have to try their hand in leather work and make their very own holster.  The first holster was finished in the spring of 2009 and shortly after  712GEAR was named after Cameron's call number as a deputy sheriff. The brothers made the very first 712GEAR holster together and continue to produce quality hand crafted leather handgun holsters for all models of handguns.  See below for more information regarding Cameron and David and their respective experience in handcrafting quality leather holsters.

Cameron Broadwell

Cameron was born and raised in Knightdale, NC.  He graduated from East Carolina University where he majored in Business Management and Information Technology.   He was an Academic All-Conference Letterman for the ECU Pirate Football Program from '00-'04.  After college, Cameron played arena football for several years before returning to Raleigh, NC to begin work with the local Sheriff's Department.  During his transition to the Sheriff's Department, Cameron's dreams of owning his own business came true with 712GEAR.  Cameron brings innovation to the leather craft, his novel designs of quality leather holsters meets unmet needs  for fellow Law Enforcement Officers and other Clientele.

David Broadwell

David, also an alum of East Carolina University majored in Biochemistry and has worked in the science field for over 20 years. He has contributed to several patents in the science field. Sort of a Jack of all trades he is responsible for IT, engineering, sales and marketing at 712GEAR. He also developed and maintains 712GEAR website.