At 712GEAR LLC our goal is to provide our customers with high quality holsters with attention to detail, safety, fit, comfort and function. When used properly, a holster facilitates carrying a firearm safely. However, all firearms are potentially dangerous and improper use including holster retention, firearm presentation and re-holstering, and misuse may cause severe injury or death. Keep guns out of reach of children and anyone who should not attain a firearm. Keep all guns locked in a manner to prevent children and anyone who should not attain a firearm from access. DO NOT depend on your holster to keep your gun from an unauthorized person. Never handle any gun unless you have passed an appropriate, accredited firearm safety course. Proper training is available through accredited firearms safety programs conducted by police departments, state-run hunter safety programs, and other agencies such as the National Rifle Association. Do not carry or use a firearm without a thorough knowledge of its characteristics and safe use in the circumstances in which you intend to use it. It is your responsibility to be certain that your firearm is in proper, safe operating condition.

Be extra careful when you put a firearm into your holster, and when you remove a firearm from your holster.
Keep any gun pointed in a safe direction regardless of whether you think it is unloaded.
Never put your trigger finger inside the trigger guard when you holster or draw your gun.
BEFORE YOU USE ANY HOLSTER, make sure it is the right model and size for your gun. 712GEAR LLC manufactures holsters that are specific to your firearms make and model. If you use the wrong holster, you may cause the firearm to accidentally discharge, or you may not be able to draw the gun from the holster.

USE AN UNLOADED GUN to check your holster for proper fit and function. DO NOT PUT A LOADED GUN in any holster until you know the holster fits properly and DOES NOT INTERFERE with safety features, control buttons or levers, sights, magazine release button, cylinder latch, and trigger. If the holster interferes with any of these, DO NOT USE THE HOLSTER! Unless you have a holster designed for exposed muzzle carry, make sure the end of the barrel does not stick out the bottom of the holster. Since a bump could accidentally release your magazine, make sure the magazine release button cannot be accidentally activated in any way, by part of the holster, by seat belt or other mechanisms, while sitting in a vehicle, or by other equipment or other means not mentioned here.

Make sure you can easily fasten and unfasten any strap, snap, or other retention device on your holster. Make sure any retention or locking device in the holster works properly for your gun.
Tension screws are not set at the factory for your firearm. You will need to adjust them to the appropriate tension to properly retain your firearm. Checking your tension screws each time you use your holster is required as part of a regular safety inspection of your equipment.  Vibra-Tite® VC-3 is applied to the threads of the tension screws at the factory to minimize the screw from backing out. Vibra-Tite® VC-3 is a thread locker specially formulated for use in firearms and sporting goods.  Tension screws may be adjusted up to five times before Vibra-Tite® VC-3 thread locker needs to be reapplied or tension screws replaced. Vibra-Tite® VC-3 thread locker can be purchased from our website or other retailer. Tension screws that have been pre-treated with Vibra-Tite® VC-3 thread locker can also be purchased through our website.

Before using any holster, be certain that you are familiar with the safe way to draw and holster your firearm. Using AN UNLOADED GUN, practice drawing, presenting and holstering your firearm under stress until you are proficient in its use. To prevent accidental discharge, keep your fingers, retaining strap, clothing, and other objects out of the trigger guard area when you draw and holster your gun. NEVER PUT YOUR FINGER IN THE TRIGGER AREA WHEN YOU DRAW AND HOLSTER YOUR FIREARM.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FOLLOW PROPER GUN RETENTION PRACTICES. No holster is designed to prevent someone from drawing the firearm and taking it away from you. Special awareness of your holstered firearm should be considered during physical activity and or during a physical altercation. Law enforcement officers in particular, should be familiar with the tactical procedures regarding the use and carrying of firearms in close proximity to potentially dangerous individuals.

Carrying a firearm with a live cartridge in the chamber could result in an accidental discharge. Certain single-action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols should only be carried with the hammer or firing pin resting on an empty chamber. Consult your firearms manufacturer documentation on the proper use and holstering of your firearm. It is your responsibility to exercise extreme caution when handling or carrying any firearm.                    
Cocked Hammers – Be sure your firearm is uncocked before placing it in the holster. Carrying a cocked firearm in the holster or attempting to cock or uncock a firearm when it is in the holster can result in an accidental discharge.
Semi Auto Pistols - With semi auto pistols make sure you do not accidentally push back the slide when placing your firearm in the holster, this may cause the firearm to malfunction, or you may accidentally cock the hammer. Always place your thumb on the back of the slide or hammer to hold the slide and hammer forward when you holster.

Any manufactured product made of natural material will wear out in time, or could become damaged with use. You are responsible to check the product for proper fit and function before each use and as often as necessary during use. Special attention should be paid to the  condition of the leather around the trigger area and any other safety mechanisms that could cause accidental discharge. Should any 712GEAR LLC holster(s) become worn, ill-fitting, defective, or if in your opinion is unsafe, CEASE USE IMMEDIATELY.


712GEAR LLC holsters are designed to function safely for the specific handguns they are designed for, any modifications including but not limited to trigger shoes or grip adapters or any modifications to the handgun may cause improper holster fit and may cause an accidental discharge. Your holster should NEVER BE MODIFIED in any way, 712GEAR LLC holsters are designed for safe use with factory equipped handguns.


Changes to firearms continually change, even within the same firearm model and year, due to the number of firearms, it is extremely important to test your firearm with your holsters as instructed in this document. Typographical and other errors may occur, 712GEAR LLC will not be responsible for such changes and errors. We reserve the right to change products, pricing, designs or specifications without notice.
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